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by Joe Templatewriter

About the author:

Here you write a little paragraph about you. What you do, who you are etc...

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Title: LinuxFocus Article Template



In the "Abstract chapter" you write a little summary about your article.

_________________ _________________ _________________


How to write the article?

Just copy and paste your article below the ArticleBody heading. Your own headings must be on level <H2> or <H3>. Apart from that you can use any html tags. Everything above the ArticleBody heading is specific to this template and must not be changed with regards to its structure.  

What is the template format?

At LinuxFocus we use an internal html file format. This is a very simple html file which can then easily be converted into the final article format. We call this template format also meta file format. Everything is done using this format. You must submit your article in this simplified format. Do not try to use final article format which we use to publish the article. Courious what the converter does to this article? Just click here to look at it.

You are encouraged to include images and code examples where needed. Make sure that images are generally not wider than 600 pixel otherwise readers will have difficulties to print the article. Pre-formatted lines (html <pre>) must not be longer than 75 characters otherwise there will again be a problem when printing the article.

Code examples can be put into a blue box. To get such a blue box use the html tag <pre class="code"> </pre>. An example of this can be seen in the paragraph below.


What article categories are available?

Under the keyword <H4>ArticleCategory:</H4> (see above) you define the category your article belongs to.
The ArticleCategory can have one of the following values:

Available categories:
                   System Administration,
                   Software Development,
                   UNIX Basics,
                   Kernel Corner,


You must own the full copyrights for your article. That is: it is original and must not be the work of somebody else. If you publish information about projects or software or anything that does not have an open copyright license then you must have the permission to do so. Example: you must not write about a new software developed in a secret project at the CIA unless you have written permission to do so.

You article will be published under your name and with the creative commons license.

When your article is ready you send it to the main editor via e-mail.
Please let us know if you intend to publish your article as well at other places on the Internet.
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