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What is LinuxFocus?

LinuxFocus is a free international magazine for Linux. It's a non profit organization and the magazine is managed by volunteers from all over the world. LinuxFocus provides free documentation for the Linux operating system. LinuxFocus is international and our articles get translated into different languages.

History of LinuxFocus.org

LinuxFocus first appeared in Nov. 1997. It was started by Miguel Angel Sepulveda and some friends when they realized that the amount of support and documentation for the Linux fans in non-English speaking countries was close to none.

Although most of us were able to read English news groups, HOWTOS and books, we felt that providing information of this nature in a non-English language was very important. Most young people in non-English speaking countries rarely speak or read fluently English and this is where we want to help.

Our fundamental goal is then pedagogical. To reach a new generation of users and to provide enough information in their native language so that they can join in the Linux community.

Photo Miguel Angel Sepulveda is the founder of the LinuxFocus Magazine. He used to work as a Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh working on polymer, gels and quantum phonon control. Miguel has a Ph. D. in theoretical chemistry. He likes animations, 3D programming and simulations. He is Linux user since 1993. In his very little free time he enjoys classical music and playing with his kids. In 1999 he quit the position as project leader for LinuxFocus.

The goal of LinuxFocus is to produce and publish a free online magazine about Linux and related issues in a number of languages. LinuxFocus is an open magazine, it is the joint effort of many people. Anyone can contribute interesting articles.

When Miguel Sepulveda left LinuxFocus, Guido Socher took over the project leader responsibility.

Photo Guido Socher is a Linux-Fan since the first moment he installed it on his computer. He loves Linux because it is more than just a bit of software. It is a philosophy. Guido has a Master in Electrical Engineering and works in the area of software design for a bigger telecommunications company. Recently he spends a lot of his spare time on LinuxFocus.

Who else is behind LinuxFocus?

LinuxFocus is definitely not a one person effort. LinuxFocus lives and exists of course only because of all the people working hard to write new articles and to translate them. We have a number of working groups for the different languages.
Contact persons for each group and their corresponding e-mails can be found at our lf-team web page.

We hope you enjoy our magazine, and look forward to hearing from you.

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