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by Guido Socher (homepage)

About the author:

Guido is shocked about the disasters that happend just recently in Asia.


LF Tip: LinuxFocus Live Bookmarks

mozilla firefox


This is a small tip. From now on LinuxFocus will have at least one new tip every month. If you have some ideas for a new tip then send them to guido(Q)linuxfocus.org

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Mozilla Firefox has a new feature called "Live Bookmarks" it allows you to have a folder in your bookmarks which updates automatically its content. Firefox shows a little orange icon live bm in the lower right corner when a webpage offers this feature.  

LF live bookmarks

The front page of linuxfocus.org offers now also live bookmarks:
lf live bm

You can add an entry to your mozilla firefox bookmarks folder by clicking onto one of the possible choices, e.g "Latest LF articles". After having added an entry you can find the latest articles or the latest translated articles directly in your bookmarks folder:
lf live bm



More about mozilla live bookmarks:  

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