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Unsupported KDE3 packages for Slackware 13.0

Hello folks!

Here is a set of KDE-3.5.10 packages for Slackware 13.0, both 32-bit
and 64-bit.  Please note that upstream has discontinued support for KDE3.
There will be no further KDE3 updates for Slackware...  this is it.
Furthermore, these package will probably not remain up for FTP once they
no longer work on the latest stable Slackware release.

I made the decision to provide this final set of packages after fielding
requests for help getting KDE3 to compile on x86_64, and upon checking it
out realized that the development environment has moved too far ahead for
KDE3 to be easily compiled.  The same development issues existed on the
32-bit side as well, so after getting a set of packages working on x86_64,
I went ahead and made packages for 32-bit Slackware.  With the included
patches, it should be a good base for making KDE3 packages for future
versions of Slackware too.  Don't look for future updates for come from
us, though -- KDE4 is way to go, and KDE3 is dead.  I know how it goes,
though...  I've found over the years that no feature can ever be removed
without some fraction of users expressing disappointment (or even anger),
and KDE3 was a truly great desktop.  However, in my opinion KDE4 has
already passed KDE3 in most regards and will only continue to improve.

The original goal when I started to play with KDE3 again was to figure out
a way to get it to coexist with KDE4, but now I'm fairly convinced that as
long as KDE4 is installed under /usr, that this is not going to be possible.
Trying to run KDE3 on a machine with KDE4 installed seems to result in both
desktops running at the same time.  So, if you want to run this, follow
these instructions:

1.  Remove the main KDE4 packages.  If you have a Slackware install disc or
directories handy, you may do this by moving to the slackware/
or slackware64/ directory and issuing this command:

removepkg kde/*.txz kdei/*.txz

2.  Install the KDE3 packages.  Use the packages in i486/ for 32-bit
or x86_64/ for 64-bit.  For example:

installpkg packages/x86_64/*.txz

If you need language packs, install them from the noarch directory.

3. Remove your $HOME/.kde (perhaps making a backup first).

4. Aim the xinitrc symlink at xinitrc.kde3:

cd /etc/X11/xinit
rm xinitrc
ln -sf xinitrc.kde3 xinitrc

You'll probably need to log out and back in again for the profile scripts to
add the KDE3 stuff to your $PATH and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.  When you log back in,
KDE3 should start when you run X.

Have fun...

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