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Contents of README:
These are root-install disks for Slackware 3.3 (version 3.3.0)

You will need one of these disks to install Linux. The disk is created by 
writing the image out with RAWRITE.EXE under DOS.  For example, to make the
color.gz rootdisk, you'd put a formatted floppy in your floppy drive, and then
run this command:


Normally you do not need to decompress these disks -- the kernel will do that as
it loads them.  These disks may be written to 1.44MB or 1.2MB floppies.  Note
that if you plan to mount the rootdisk instead of loading it into a ramdisk 
(using the method outlined in LOWMEM.TXT for machines with only 4MB) then you
must decompress the image with GZIP.EXE before writing it out to a floppy.

Here's a description of the choices:


color.gz: A root-install disk using an easy-to-use new full-screen color
install program. NOTE: This version of the install system is not forgiving of
extra keystrokes entered between screens, so type carefully.

umsdos.gz: A version of the color install disk using UMSDOS - a filesystem
that allows you to install Linux into a directory on an existing MS-DOS
partition. Not as fast as ext2 or xiafs, but it works, and you don't have to
repartition your drive. See README.UMS for more information.

text.gz: A root-install that uses text-based install scripts.  This is actually
preferred by some people since you can back up to look at error messages using
Shift-PageUp.  In addition, all of the new keymaps should be supported.

tape.gz: A semi-experimental disk designed to support installation from tape.
See the file README_T.APE for more information about this disk.

pcmcia.gz: A version of the color install disk designed for installing to a 
laptop using a PCMCIA ethernet or scsi card.


rescue.gz:  This is a rootdisk with an editor (vi), lilo, e2fsck, and other 
utilities.  It's useful for getting into your machine if you ever get locked
out due to improper lilo installation or some other misconfiguration.


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