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Contents of README:
Since I should document this somewhere, here's the procedure
for building the Slackware kernel package.  I do not patch the official
kernel sources, but it's not exactly a virgin either.

Version specific notes (if any):
For a 2.4.x kernel:

1.  Untar Linus' source in /usr/src.
2.  mv linux linux-2.x.x (version number)
3.  cp -a linux-2.x.x linux-2.x.x.orig
4.  ln -sf linux-2.x.x linux
5.  cd linux

Insert Slackware's bare.i config:
6.  cp kernels/bare.i/config .config
7.  make oldconfig
8.  make dep ; make clean ; make bzImage ; make clean
9.  cd drivers/net/hamradio/soundmodem
    rm *
    cp -a /usr/src/linux-2.x.x.orig/drivers/net/hamradio/soundmodem/* .
10.  cd scripts
     rm -r *
     cp -a /usr/src/linux-2.x.x.orig/scripts/* .
11.  rm -r linux-2.x.x.orig
12.  rm linux-2.x.x/.version
13.  Lucky step 13  :-)
     find . -name ".depend" | xargs rm
     find . -name ".hdepend" | xargs rm
     find . -name ".??*flags" | xargs rm
     rm drivers/sound/.pss_boot.h.boot
     rm drivers/sound/.maui_boot.h.boot
     rm drivers/sound/.trix_boot.h.boot
     rm .config.old

OK, that's it.  Now just pack up /usr/src/linux-2.x.x, the 
/usr/src/linux symlink, and /install/slack-desc.

For a 2.6.x kernel (much easier):

   Untar Linus' source in /usr/src.
   Make all files owned by root:root with reasonable perms.
   Install a suitable .config, or use make menuconfig, etc.
   make oldconfig > /dev/null
   make bzImage
   make clean
   rm .version

That's it!

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