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Selected Linux Links

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General Linux pagesGraphicsEven more linksCommercial Linux Software distributorsCommercial Linux applications

Online documentation
linuxdoc.org, LDP (Linux Documentation Project), major Linux documentaion site
ibiblio/susite/metalab, Linux archive
linuxforen.de, User helfen Usern [Deutsch]
www.fokus.gmd.de/linux/, Woven Goods for Linux
www.patoche.org/LTT/, Linux Tips and Tricks
linux.ittoolbox.com, links and documentation around Linux
IBM Linux zone
linuxworld.com, Documentaion and news
mandrakeuser.org, Mandrake Linux dcoumentation site
LinuxCommand.org, how to write scripts
linuxwiki.de, Linux "Freetext" information database [Deutsch]
www.unixboard.de, a german linux community [Deutsch]
www.desktoplinux.com, general Linux application and documentation site

Journals and Magazines
linuxfocus.org, International Online Magazine
www.linuxnetmag.com, online magazine mainly in German and English but also other languages
www.linux-mag.com magazin
www.linuxjournal.com, Linux Journal
www.linux-magazin.de [Deutsch]
http://www.troubleshooters.com/lpm/archive.htm, Troubleshooters.Com Presents the Linux Productivity Magazine Archive

Linux Homepages
www.64-bit.de, Linux documentation homepage [Deutsch]
tuxhausen, Linux documentation homepage [Deutsch]
linux.computerbraxas.de, Linux newbie homepage [Deutsch]

Special newbie sites

Linux News
News at Linuxfocus
www.edge.com.ru, News about Open Source and Linux in Russian [Russian]
mamalinux.com, News from the Linux world
linuxbelgium.net, De Belgische Linux StartSite [Dutch]
linuxhacker.org news copiled from different sites
hackerheaven.org, selected news
slashdot.org, selected news
www.hebdolinux.org, news headlines from other sites
www.it-nachrichten.de [Deutsch]
www.pro-linux.de [Deutsch]
linux-community.de, Diskussionsforen [Deutsch]
linuxtoday.comi major news site
lwn.net, Linux weekly news, summary of the week
www.netnews.opensrc.org Linux Net News, selected news
www.linux.de, Kommentare und Nachrichten [Deutsch]
linuxfr.org, Linux news [Francais]
news.tucows.com, general computer news and selected Linux news
Pref News, articles in Russian [Russian]
linuxfreak.org, selected news
pclinuxonline.com, desktop news
linuxguru.net, Articles and news
inet-sec.org, daily IT-News and documentation archive [Deutsch]
oszine.de, Open Source Magazin mit vielen Nachrichten [Deutsch]
desktoplinux.com, Join the Desktop Linux Revolution. This is a site with news and articles
www.linux-scene.de, News and Portalsite with focus on Hard- and Software [Deutsch]

General Linux sites
www.osdn.com, Open Source Developers Network, a number of big Linux sites
www.linux.org, linux portal site
Alan Cox's Page: www.linux.org.uk
linuxhq.com, Linux Headquarters
www.fsf.org, Free Software Foundation
opendvd.org, DVDs for every OS
Linux Verband [Deutsch]
linuxheadquarters.com I have Linux installed, what's next?

gimp.org, The Gimp
graphics-muse.com, graphics and news, Michael J. Hammel
blender.nl, Blender 3D graphics for Linux
linuxgraphic.org, The Linux Graphics site [Francais]

Suse hardware database
Redhat hardware database
Mandrake hardware database
linuxhardware.net, Hardware knowledege through user experience
hwb.sunsite.dk, Hardware Book, general hardware book, circuits, connectors ...
linux-usb.org, Linux USB hardware
Linux USB device DB
linuxprinting.org, Linux printer database
linux-laptop.net, Linux on Laptops, long list with different Laptop types
linuxdevices.com, The Embedded Linux Portal
www.guiadohardware.net, Hardware and Linux site [Portuguese]

Connectors and pinout
Tommy's pinout collection
technick.net, General computer hardware info
Internet Hardware Book

Other hardware pages
linuxtoys.org, self made hardware for your linux computer

Free software download and software announcements
www.linuxapps.com, free software by category
www.freshmeat.net, software announcements, huge database with a lot of software
www.icewalkers.com, software announcements
www.icewalk.com, software announcements by category with ratings
www.linuxberg.com, (too) colorful software download site
linuxplanet.com, software announcements, news, tutorials and other stuff
Scientific Applications for Linux
www.blackdown.org, Java for Linux
www.themes.org, a new look for your window manager
www.linuxgames.com, games for linux
tuxfinder.com, rpm package search
rpmfind.net, rpm package search
www.apps4linux.org, linux archive [Deutsch]
linux-directory.com, Software and documentation
LinuxCenter,Software index
generic Netscape plugin for Linux (midi, wav,...)

Comercial Linux Software distributors
linuxdiscount.de, Linuxprodukte online bestellen [Deutsch]
ixsoft.de, Linuxprodukte online bestellen [Deutsch]
Linux Mall , everything for Linux
thinkgeek, computer gadgets
rootshop.de, computer gadgets [Deutsch]
linuxcdversand.de, Hier kann man güstig Linux-Distributionen bestellen (ohne Support und Handbuch) [Deutsch]
linuxcd.org, Here you can order custom made CDs and Linux Distributions
linuxcentral.com, everything from hardware to software and T-shirts
www.osheaven.net, OS Heaven sells high quality Linux, BSD and Open Source software CDs
www.bsdiso.de, ISO images of Linux-Distributions and BSD-Distributions, [Deutsch]
iso-top.info, ISO images of all Linux distributions, ships into nearly all European countries.

Main Linux distributions
Red Hat Linux
S.u.S.E. Linux
Debian GNU/Linux
Linux Mandrake
Slackware Linux
Caldera OpenLinux
caixamagica.org, Portuguese Linux distribution
http://www.knoppix.org/, Booting Linux directly from CD without installing it

Build your own Linux distribution

Commercial Linux applications
www.ibm.com/linux, IBM software for Linux
turboprint.de, High quality printer driver for Linux

Pages with even more links
linuxwebring.org, The original Linux Webring
www.ipl.org: Internet Public Library
www.google.com, google Linux search
www.linuxlinks.com, Linux Links
linuxsavvy.com/resources/, International Linux links and documentation
Linux-center.org Linux links, [Francais]
linuxbookmarks.org , millions of links
lugs.ch , Linux in Switzerland
all-linux.net , Directory of Linux Resources

Computer Security
linuxsecurity.com, Announcements of security problems
CERT Coordination Center
ciac, Computer Incident Advisory Capabilit

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