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by Manuel Trujillo Albarral



Some Tips



Some tips and answers to common problems

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Well...here are some notes, tricks, some of these are specific to non-english speaking users and therefore not frequently answered in the common documentation. I hope these are useful for you now or sometime in the future.

Accents and others in Spanish for Emacs 

The only thing to do is to write in the file /.emacs the following:

All the documentation for RDBMS Mysql Emacs 

It can be found in: http://www.tcx.se   

Course on X11 (spanish only)

It is available in: http://laurel.datsi.fi.upm.es/~fperez/cursoX/indice.html   

Anything about X11

You can research and get informed on X11 here: http://www.rahul.net/kenton/xsites.framed.html   

Debian in Spain

Spanish users can get information on this Linux distribution at: http://www.virtualoffice.es/hispalinux or also at the following address: http://www.ediser.es/hispalinux   

StarOffice for Linux

There is a beta version of this Linux suite for free at this site: http://www.stardiv.com/staroffice/ 

At the moment they have available a static version, that is no Motif libraries needed.


Accents under Linux

To get accents working on your shell, create the file .inputrc in your home directory containing the following:
set meta-flag on
set output-meta on
set convert-meta off
export LC_CTYPE

Changing the Keyboard Map:

Would you like, for whatever reason, to change the keyboard mapping on your workstation?
Run this: 
where xxx.map is the new map you wish to load.  

Handling Printing:

Let us review a series of commands to easily handle the printer queue.  

Linux International:


Documentation in Spanish:

All the documentation on Linux available in Spanish can be found at: http://www.infor.es/LuCAS   


Files with the largest amount of information originally from the mailing lists linux-gcc y linux-java are in: http://homer.ncm.com   


Would you like to participate in a mailing list on programming under Linux completely in Spanish? write to:

Leave the subject field empty and write in the body:

subscribe linux-prog
To send mail to the list simply address it to: linux-prog@compendium.com.ar 

For more information:

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