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This is the openZIM/Kiwix ZIM file repository. These ZIM files are
static versions of online Web sites. One time downloaded, they can be
used without requiring any access to the Web. To fully enjoy them use
a ZIM compatible reader like Kiwix. More information at
https://openzim.org and https://kiwix.org

ZIM file names are not a strict way to store ZIM metadata and no
software should rely on them. But we try to keep a bit of coherence in
the way how we name them.

Usually the filename is composed from (separated with '_'):

* Web site name

* ISO 639-1 of the language

* Selection of content (or "all" if everything is in it)

* Content flavour gives an indication about what kind of scraping we
  have used. We tend to use the following ones (ascending sorted by

  * "mini" means that only a subset of the text is available, probably
     the first section
  * "nopic" means that most pictures have been removed
  * "maxi" means everything except large media files like video/audio
  * no indication means we have done our best to scrape everything

  You might also rarely find:

  * "nodet", which means that this is a text subset but
     pictures and videos should be there.

* Publication date in format YYYY-MM

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