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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] 3ds1.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 84K [IMG] 3ds2.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 96K [IMG] 3ds3.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 103K [IMG] baywatch1.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 166K [IMG] baywatch2.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 182K [IMG] bigben_bg.jpg 01-Sep-1995 00:00 29K [IMG] centaur1.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:43 251K [IMG] centaur2.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:43 292K [IMG] centaur3.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:43 273K [IMG] centaur_bg.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:42 211K [IMG] cp.gif 20-Sep-1995 00:00 166K [IMG] demolition1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 135K [IMG] dirtyharry1.gif 29-Jun-1995 00:00 284K [IMG] dirtyharry_pf.jpg 13-Oct-1995 17:06 166K [IMG] ds_bb.gif 29-May-1993 00:00 18K [   ] ds_bb.ps.gz 31-May-1995 00:00 4.7K [IMG] f14_card.gif 13-Nov-1995 15:08 18K [IMG] fp_stick.gif 31-May-1995 00:00 12K [IMG] frankenstein1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 176K [IMG] frankenstein2.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 220K [IMG] freddy2.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 155K [IMG] goldball1.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:44 88K [IMG] goldball2.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:44 199K [IMG] indy1.jpg 06-Sep-1995 00:00 209K [IMG] indy2.jpg 06-Sep-1995 00:00 295K [IMG] indy500_pf.jpg 13-Oct-1995 17:06 194K [IMG] jackbot1.jpg 06-Sep-1995 00:00 198K [IMG] jackbot2.jpg 06-Sep-1995 00:00 230K [IMG] jackbot_pf.jpg 13-Oct-1995 17:06 190K [IMG] johnny1.jpg 29-Sep-1995 17:17 250K [IMG] johnny2.jpg 29-Sep-1995 17:17 287K [IMG] kingsqueens_bg.jpg 01-Sep-1995 00:00 33K [IMG] knights1.jpg 10-Nov-1995 17:11 59K [IMG] maverick1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 97K [IMG] maverick_bg.jpg 01-Sep-1995 00:00 31K [IMG] miness.gif 20-Sep-1995 00:00 224K [IMG] monkey1.jpg 10-Nov-1995 17:11 61K [IMG] nofear1.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 154K [IMG] nofear2.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 165K [IMG] pinballmagic1.jpg 16-Oct-1995 10:44 427K [IMG] pinballmagic2.jpg 16-Oct-1995 10:44 161K [IMG] pinballmagic3.jpg 16-Oct-1995 10:44 135K [IMG] pinballmagic4.jpg 16-Oct-1995 10:44 88K [IMG] pinballmagic_bg1.jpg 18-Oct-1995 09:30 228K [IMG] pinballmagic_bg2.jpg 18-Oct-1995 09:59 153K [IMG] pinballmagic_pf1.jpg 19-Oct-1995 11:34 263K [IMG] pinballmagic_pf2.jpg 19-Oct-1995 11:38 184K [IMG] pinballmagic_pf3.jpg 19-Oct-1995 11:38 114K [IMG] pinbll1.gif 20-Sep-1995 00:00 109K [IMG] pinbll3.gif 20-Sep-1995 00:00 155K [IMG] pistolpoker1.jpg 21-Dec-1995 09:44 197K [IMG] plan1.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 89K [IMG] plan2.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 94K [IMG] plan3.gif 07-Dec-1995 21:06 93K [IMG] plane.gif 20-Sep-1995 00:00 30K [IMG] pptw640.jpg 18-Oct-1995 17:44 108K [IMG] pptw1024.jpg 18-Oct-1995 17:43 232K [IMG] rockers1.jpg 10-Nov-1995 17:11 51K [IMG] sf2ce1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 120K [IMG] shadow1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 166K [IMG] shaq1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 133K [IMG] sttng1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 108K [IMG] sweethearts_bg.jpg 01-Sep-1995 00:00 32K [IMG] theatre1.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 158K [IMG] theatre2.jpg 26-May-1995 00:00 190K [IMG] tommy2.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 157K [IMG] tzmap.gif 29-May-1993 00:00 38K [   ] tzmap.index.gz 18-Sep-1995 00:00 1.2K [   ] tzmap.ps.gz 14-May-1993 00:00 8.0K [IMG] tzone2.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 155K [IMG] urban1.jpg 10-Nov-1995 17:11 57K [IMG] whodunnit1.jpg 04-Dec-1995 17:19 200K [IMG] whodunnit2.jpg 04-Dec-1995 17:19 234K [IMG] worldcup1.jpg 29-Jun-1995 00:00 186K

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