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Contents of README:
The following are UNOFFICIAL patches to INN version 1.4, which
are obsolete, out-of-date, or otherwise not recommended you worry
about unless you are looking for a specific patch to an old INN or
are a history buff.

File: newnews.patch
Description: fix to NEWNEWS command so that distributions work

File: 1.4-to-1.4sec *
Description: Patch v 1.4 to 1.4sec.  Security problem whereby control
	messages can possibly be used to execute arbitrary commands.

File: 1.4sec-to-1.4sec2 *
Description: Small additional security patch in same vein as above patch.

File: list-subscriptions-feature.patch  *
Description: So nnrpd understands the LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS command that
	is used by many news readers (trn, and and others) to give the new
	user a default list of subscribed newsgroups. (apply by hand)

File: list-active-feature.patch *
Description: This is a patch for INN 1.4 that modifies nnrpd to support
	the command LIST ACTIVE <wildspec> where wildspec is a group
	name to match, possibly containing wildcards.  Also added was
	LIST NEWSGROUPS <wildspec> with the same support.  These
	extensions are going to be in nntp-1.5.12, and (as far as I
	know) also in INN 1.5.

File: select-loop-bug.patch *
Description: Under some circumstances innd can lose track of a file
	descriptor and end up sitting in a select() loop.

File: rmgroup-active-munge.patch *
Description: Fix so that running multiple rmgroups while innd is throttled
	doesn't munge the active file.

File: nntp-stat-bug.patch *
Description: Fixes bug to correct output of the NNTP STAT command.

File: newsfeeds-parse-bug.patch *
Description: one-line patch to fix parsing of ME entry in newsfeeds(5)
	if it has exclusions in it. ("ME/some.host" vs. "ME:")

File: expire-long-msgids.patch *
Description: Small fix to expire to skip over articles whose message-ids
	are too long for DBZ.  Otherwise expire will fail when it reaches
	one of these articles.

File: nnrp.access-auth.patch *
Description: nnrp.access allows you to restrict what groups are 'seen'
	by readers, but without this patch anyone can post to a restricted
	group if they know the group name. (apply by hand?)

File: solaris-2.4.patch *
Description: updated patch to workaround problems in Solaris to get
	INN working.

File: inews-NAME-From-header.patch *
Description: This is a patch for INN1.4 inews.c which will allow it to
	use the NAME environmental variable in preference for the GECOS
	field in From: headers.  Set DONT_MUNGE_GETENV in config.data
	to get the original behaviour.

File: nnrpd-NOV-patch *
Description: Fix to article.c to correct returning of wrong data if
	requested header is missing.  (If you say XHDR Xref, if an
	article doesn't have an Xref: header, it will return the
	Subject instead)

File: fd-leak.patch *
Description: Author of this is unknown.  From ian@pipex.net (Ian
	Phillipps).  A kludge to fix file descriptor leak.  At some
	sites this helps to keep innd from silently exiting for no
	apparent reason.

File: mode-stream-27June95-feature.patch *
Description: Enhancement from Jerry Aguirre to implement at "streaming"
	NNTP within innd and innxmit.  This removes the lock-step limits
	of NNTP resulting in significant improvements in throughput.
	(warning: includes innxmit-long-lines.patch)

File: innd.spool.patch *
Description: Change to newsfeeds "S" flag.  When a channel's
	buffer fills up to fills up to the value in the "S" flag,
	innd will dump the buffer to the disk file and continue
	(instead of closing the channel).  This is a performance
	as well as memory win.  (man pages will be updated in
	unoff2 release)

File: newsrequeue.patch *
Description: Fix obvious errors in newsrequeue program

File: innxmit-long-lines.patch *
Description: Fix innxmit so it doesn't choke on long lines.
	(warning: included in mode-stream-27June95-feature.patch)

File: nnrpd-identd-patch.shar.gz
Author: skhuang@csie.nctu.edu.tw
Description: add ident support to nnrpd.  This also adds support for
	tin's XUSER and XMOTD commands, as well as LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS.
	WARNING!  This file is NOT a patch, but rather contains
	replacement files!  Not recommended.
	(FTP'd from: ftp.csie.nctu.edu.tw:/pub/news/nnrpd-identd-patch.shar.gz)

File: jumbo-feaure-patch.shar
Author: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
Date: May 1993
Description: a two-part jumbo patch that fixes the select() loop bug,
	as well as history file changes to expire regarding handling of
	absurd dates.  It also adds the "logmode" and "feedinfo"
	commands to ctlinnd, and other various miscelanneous changes.
	See the README.* files.  This is not a recommended patch, but
	kept here in case someone is interested in the extra ctlinnd

File: SONYNEWS-active-patch.gz
Description: I don't read Japanese, but from reading the patch, this
	appears to be a workaround in innd to sync the active file
	(when a channel is closed?).

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