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Contents of README:
This directory contains the fruits of all my activity related to Perl.
In short order:

    Latest production version of Perl.  For bleeding edge development
    releases, see $CPAN/authors/id/JHI/.  Older production versions
    based on 5.005 and 5.004 can be found at $CPAN/authors/id/GBARR/
    and $CPAN/authors/id/CHIPS/ respectively.

    This used to be a popular binary distribution of Perl for the Win32
    platform (intel), now rather outdated.  Comes with many widely-used
    modules and all the tools for adding new ones from CPAN.  This
    distribution is rather aged; see www.ActiveState.com for binaries
    built around the latest version of Perl.

    A growing collection of Win32-specific modules.  Contains binaries
    that can only be used with the perl5.00402-bindist04-bc distribution
    above.  If your Perl binaries are from elsewhere, you'll need to
    either rebuild from source, or get binaries from the same source
    as your Perl binaries.  If there is a patch, it can be applied over
    the latest available *.zip or *.tar.gz.

    Intel binaries for the DB_File extension, for use with the
    perl5.00402-bindist04-bc distribution above.  Built with Berkeley
    DB version 2.3.6.

    A module that allows you to say "convenient" in the same breath as
    "object-oriented".  Provides easy syntax to access hash-based object
    attributes and hash elements in general.

    Pretty printer and persistence engine for Perl data. Perl 5.005 and
    later come with this bundled, so you typically need this only if you
    are using an earlier version of Perl.  Not maintained outside the
    Perl source tree any more.

    A convenience wrapper that allows you to store multidimensional
    structures in DBM databases.

    A module that allows hashes to be order preserving.

    I don't maintain this anymore.  See $CPAN/authors/id/SRZ/ for more
    recent versions.

    A somewhat fixed up version of Dennis Vadura's make clone.  This
    is totally unsupported.  If you want to use it with Perl to build
    extensions, change the 'make' entry in Config.pm such that
    running `perl -V:make` prints "make='dmake';".

Anything that doesn't figure in the list above is either not related to
Perl, or hysterical junk that you should probably ignore.


Gurusamy Sarathy

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