Text Widget Application Header file <X11/Xaw/Text.h> Class Header file <X11/Xaw/TextP.h> Class textWidgetClass Class Name Text Superclass Simple The Text widget is the glue that binds all the other pieces together, it maintains the internal state of the displayed text, and acts as a mediator between the source and sink. This section lists the resources that are actually part of the Text widget, and explains the functionality provided by each. Resources When creating a Text widget instance, the following resources are retrieved from the argument list or from the resource database: Name Class Type Notes Default Value accelerators Accelerators AcceleratorTable NULL ancestorSensitive AncestorSensitive Boolean D True autoFill AutoFill Boolean False background Background Pixel XtDefaultBackground backgroundPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap borderColor BorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground borderPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap borderWidth BorderWidth Dimension 1 bottomMargin Margin Position 2 colormap Colormap Colormap Parent's Colormap cursor Cursor Cursor XC_xterm cursorName Cursor String NULL depth Depth int C Parent's Depth destroyCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL displayCaret Output Boolean True displayPosition TextPosition XawTextPosition 0 height Height Dimension A Font height + margins insensitiveBorder Insensitive Pixmap GreyPixmap insertPosition TextPosition int 0 leftMargin Margin Position 2 mappedWhenManaged MappedWhenManaged Boolean True pointerColor Foreground Pixel XtDefaultForeground pointerColorBackground Background Pixel XtDefaultBackground resize Resize XawTextResizeMode XawtextResizeNever rightMargin Margin Position 4 screen Screen Pointer R Parent's Screen scrollHorizontal Scroll ScrollMode XawtextScrollNever scrollVertical Scroll XawTextScrollMode XawtextScrollNever selectTypes SelectTypes XawTextSelectType* See above sensitive Sensitive Boolean True textSink TextSink Widget NULL textSource TextSource Widget NULL topMargin Margin Position 2 translations Translations TranslationTable See above unrealizeCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL width Width Dimension 100 wrap Wrap WrapMode XawtextWrapNever x Position Position 0 y Position Position 0