Acknowledgments Many thanks go to Ralph Swick (Project Athena / Digital) who has contributed much time and effort to this widget set. Previous versions of the widget set are largely due to his time and effort. Many of the improvements that I have been able to make are because he provided a solid foundation to build upon. While much of the effort has been Ralph's, many other people have contributed to the code. Mark Ackerman (formerly Project Athena) Donna Converse (MIT X Consortium) Jim Fulton (formerly MIT X Consortium) Loretta Guarino-Reid (Digital WSL) Charles Haynes (Digital WSL) Rich Hyde (Digital WSL) Mary Larson (Digital UEG) Joel McCormack (Digital WSL) Ron Newman (formerly Project Athena) Jeanne Rich (Digital WSL) Terry Weissman (formerly Digital WSL) While not much remains of the X10 toolkit, many of the ideas for this widget set come from that original version. The design and implementation of the X10 toolkit were done by: Mike Gancarz (formerly Digital UEG) Charles Haynes (Digital WSL) Phil Karlton (formerly Digital WSL) Kathleen Langone (Digital UEG) Mary Larson (Digital UEG) Ram Rao (Digital UEG) Smokey Wallace (formerly Digital WSL) Terry Weissman (formerly Digital WSL) I have used the formatting ideas, and some of the words from previous versions of this document. The X11R3 Athena widget document was written by: Ralph R. Swick (Project Athena/ Digital) Terry Weissman (formerly Digital WSL) Al Mento (Digital UEG) Putting this manual together was a major task in and of itself. I would like to thank Ralph Swick, Donna Converse, and Jim Fulton for taking the time to help convert my technical knowledge into legible text. A special thanks to Jean Diaz (O'Reilly and Associates) for spending nearly a month with me working out all the annoying little details. Chris D. Peterson MIT X Consortium 1989 The R5 edition of this document has been edited by the research staff of the MIT X Consortium, with significant contributions by Jim Fulton (NCD). Donna Converse MIT X Consortium 1991 The R6 edition of this document has been edited to reflect changes brought about by research staff of the Omron Corporation, with special recognition to Li Yuhong, Seiji Kuwari, and Hiroshi Kuribayashi for the X11R5/contrib/lib/Xaw internationalization that inspired this version. Frank Sheeran Omron Corporation 1994