SimpleMenu Widget Application Header file <X11/Xaw/SimpleMenu.h> Class Header file <X11/Xaw/SimpleMenP.h> Class simpleMenuWidgetClass Class Name SimpleMenu Superclass OverrideShell The SimpleMenu widget is a container for the menu entries. It is a direct subclass of shell, and is should be created with XtCreatePopupShell, not . This is the only part of the menu that actually is associated with a window. The SimpleMenu serves as the glue to bind the individual menu entries together into a menu. Resources The resources associated with the SimpleMenu widget control aspects that will affect the entire menu. Name Class Type Notes Default Value accelerators Accelerators AcceleratorTable NULL ancestorSensitive AncestorSensitive Boolean D True allowShellResize AllowShellResize Boolean True background Background Pixel XtDefaultBackground backgroundPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap backingStore BackingStore BackingStore see below borderColor BorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground borderPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap borderWidth BorderWidth Dimension 1 bottomMargin VerticalMargins Dimension 0 children ReadOnly WidgetList R NULL createPopupChildProc CreatePopupChildProc Function NULL colormap Colormap Colormap Parent's Colormap cursor Cursor Cursor None depth Depth int C Parent's Depth destroyCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL geometry Geometry String NULL height Height Dimension Enough space to contain all entries label Label String NULL labelClass LabelClass Pointer SmeBSBObjectClass mappedWhenManaged MappedWhenManaged Boolean True menuOnScreen MenuOnScreen Boolean True numChildren ReadOnly Cardinal R 0 overrideRedirect OverrideRedirect Boolean True popdownCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL popupCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL popupOnEntry PopupOnEntry Widget A Label or first entry rowHeight RowHeight Dimension 0 saveUnder SaveUnder Boolean False screen Screen Screen R Parent's Screen sensitive Sensitive Boolean True topMargin VerticalMargins Dimension 0 translations Translations TranslationTable See below visual Visual Visual CopyFromParent width Width Dimension Width of widest entry x Position Position 0 y Position Position 0 backingStore Determines what type of backing store will be used for the menu. Legal values for this resource are NotUseful, WhenMapped, and Always. These values are the backing-store integers defined in <X11/X.h>. If default is specified (the default behavior) the server will use whatever it thinks is appropriate. bottomMargin topMargin The amount of space between the top or bottom of the menu and the menu entry closest to that edge. cursor The shape of the mouse pointer whenever it is in this widget. geometry If this resource is specified it will override the x, y, width and height of this widget. The format of this string is [<width>x<height>][{+ -} <xoffset> {+ -}<yoffset>]. label This label will be placed at the top of the SimpleMenu, and may not be highlighted. The name of the label object is menuLabel. Using this name it is possible to modify the label's attributes through the resource database. When the label is created, the label is hard coded to the value of label, and justify is hard coded as XtJustifyCenter. labelClass Specifies the type of Sme object created as the menu label. menuOnScreen If the menu is automatically positioned under the cursor with the XawPositionSimpleMenu action, and this resource is True, then the menu will always be fully visible on the screen. overrideRedirect Determines the value of the override_redirect attribute of the SimpleMenu's window. The override_redirect attribute of a window determines whether or not a window manager may interpose itself between this window and the root window of the display. For more information see the Interclient Communications Conventions Manual. popdownCallback popupCallback These callback functions are called by the Xt Intrinsics whenever the shell is popped up or down (See (xT for details). popupOnEntry The XawPositionSimpleMenu action will, by default, popup the SimpleMenu with its label (or first entry) directly under the pointer. To popup the menu under another entry, set this resource to the menu entry that should be under the pointer, when the menu is popped up. This allows the application to offer the user a default menu entry that can be selected with out moving the pointer. rowHeight If this resources is zero (the default) then each menu entry will be given its desired height. If this resource has any other value then all menu entries will be forced to be rowHeight pixels high. saveUnder If this is True then save unders will be active on the menu's window. SimpleMenu Actions The SimpleMenu widget supports the following actions: Switching the entry under the mouse pointer between the foreground and background colors with highlight and unhighlight Processing menu entry callbacks with notify The following are the default translation bindings used by the SimpleMenu widget: <EnterWindow>: highlight(\|) <LeaveWindow>: unhighlight(\|) <BtnMotion>: highlight(\|) <BtnUp>: MenuPopdown(\|) notify(\|) unhighlight(\|) The user can pop down the menu without activating any of the callback functions by releasing the pointer button when no menu item is highlighted. The full list of actions supported by SimpleMenu is: highlight() Highlight the menu entry that is currently under the pointer. Only a item that is highlighted will be notified when the notify action is invoked. The look of a highlighted entry is determined by the menu entry. unhighlight(\|) Unhighlights the currently highlighted menu item, and returns it to its normal look. notify(\|) Notifies the menu entry that is currently highlighted that is has been selected. It is the responsibility of the menu entry to take the appropriate action. MenuPopdown(menu) This action is defined in (xT. Positioning the SimpleMenu If the SimpleMenu widget is to be used as a pulldown menu then the MenuButton widget, or some other outside means should be used to place the menu when it is popped up. If popup menus are desired it will be necessary to add the XawPositionSimpleMenu and MenuPopup actions to the translation table of the widget that will be popping up the menu. The MenuPopup action is described in (xT. XawPositionSimpleMenu is a global action procedure registered by the SimpleMenu widget when the first one is created or the convenience routine is called. Translation writers should be aware that Xt does not register grabs on ``don't care'' modifiers, and therefore the left hand side of the production should be written to exclude unspecified modifiers. For example these are the translations needed to popup some of xterm's menus: !Ctrl<Btn1Down>: XawPositionSimpleMenu(xterm) MenuPopup(xterm) !Ctrl<Btn2Down>: XawPositionSimpleMenu(modes) MenuPopup(modes) XawPositionSimpleMenu(menu) The XawPositionSimpleMenu routine will search for the menu name passed to it using XtNameToWidget starting with the widget invoking the action as the reference widget. If it is unsuccessful it will continue up the widget tree using each of the invoking widget's ancestors as the reference widget. If it is still unsuccessful it will print a warning message and give up. XawPositionSimpleMenu will position the menu directly under the pointer cursor. The menu will be placed so that the pointer cursor is centered on the entry named by the popupOnEntry resource. If the menuOnScreen resource is True then the menu will always be fully visible on the screen. Convenience Routines Registering the Global Action Routines The XawPositionSimpleMenu action routine may often be invoked before any menus have been created. This can occur when an application uses dynamic menu creation. In these cases an application will need to register this global action routine by calling : void XawSimpleMenuAddGlobalActions XtAppContext app_con app_con Specifies the application context in which this action should be registered. This function need only be called once per application and must be called before any widget that uses XawPositionSimpleMenu action is realized. Getting and Clearing the Current Menu Entry To get the currently highlighted menu entry use : Widget XawSimpleMenuGetActiveEntry Widget w w Specifies the SimpleMenu widget. This function returns the menu entry that is currently highlighted, or NULL if no entry is highlighted. To clear the SimpleMenu widget's internal information about the currently highlighted menu entry use : Widget XawSimpleMenuClearActiveEntry Widget w w Specifies the SimpleMenu widget. This function unsets all internal references to the currently highlighted menu entry. It does not unhighlight or otherwise alter the appearance of the active entry. This function is primarily for use by implementors of menu entries.