Porthole Widget Application Header file <X11/Xaw/Porthole.h> Class Header file <X11/Xaw/PortholeP.h> Class portholeWidgetClass Class Name Porthole Superclass Composite The Porthole widget provides geometry management of a list of arbitrary widgets, only one of which may be managed at any particular time. The managed child widget is reparented within the porthole and is moved around by the application (typically under the control of a Panner widget). Resources When creating a Porthole widget instance, the following resources are retrieved from the argument list or from the resource database: Name Class Type Notes Default Value accelerators Accelerators AcceleratorTable NULL ancestorSensitive AncestorSensitive Boolean D True background Background Pixel XtDefaultBackground backgroundPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap borderColor BorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground borderPixmap Pixmap Pixmap XtUnspecifiedPixmap borderWidth BorderWidth Dimension 1 children ReadOnly WidgetList R NULL colormap Colormap Colormap Parent's Colormap depth Depth int C Parent's Depth destroyCallback Callback XtCallbackList NULL height Height Dimension A see Layout Semantics mappedWhenManaged MappedWhenManaged Boolean True numChildren ReadOnly Cardinal R 0 reportCallback ReportCallback Callback NULL screen Screen Screen R Parent's Screen sensitive Sensitive Boolean True translations Translations TranslationTable NULL width Width Dimension A see Layout Semantics x Position Position 0 y Position Position 0 _ reportCallback A list of functions to invoke whenever the managed child widget changes size or position. Layout Semantics The Porthole widget allows its managed child to request any size that is as large or larger than the Porthole itself and any location so long as the child still obscures all of the Porthole. This widget typically is used with a Panner widget. Porthole Callbacks The functions registered on the reportCallback list are invoked whenever the managed child changes size or position: void ReportProc Widget porthole XtPointer client_data XtPointer report porthole Specifies the Porthole widget. client_data Specifies the client data. report Specifies a pointer to an XawPannerReport structure containing the location and size of the slider and the size of the canvas.