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XpCancelDoc - Cancels a print document.


void XpCancelDoc ( display, discard )
Display *display;

Bool discard;


Specifies a pointer to the Display structure; returned from XOpenDisplay.
When TRUE, specifies that all XPPrintNotify events with a detail of XPEndPageNotify or XPEndDocNotify should be discarded.


XpCancelDoc cancels an in-progress document. If the job was started with output_mode XPGetData then the data stream to XpGetDocumentData is interrupted; no further data for the current document will be generated but data for subsequent documents can be generated. For many page description languages such arbitrary termination may invalidate the output.

If the job was started with output_mode XPSpool then depending on the driver and spooler implementation the entire document may be canceled or a partial document may be generated.

If discard is True all XPPrintNotify events with a detail field of XPEndPageNotify or XPEndDocNotify are discarded before XpCancelDoc returns.

For clients selecting XPPrintMask (see XpSelectInput), the event XPPrintNotify will be generated with its detail field set to XPEndDocNotify.


A valid print context-id has not been set prior to making this call.
The function was not called in the proper order with respect to the other X Print Service Extension calls (example, XpEndDoc prior to XpStartDoc).

See Also

XpEndDoc(3Xp) , XpGetDocumentData(3Xp) , XpSelectInput(3Xp) , XpStartDoc(3Xp)

Table of Contents