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Xevie - X Event Interceptor extension.


#include <X11/extensions/Xevie.h>
Status XevieQueryVersion (Display *dpy,
    int *major_versionp,
    int *minor_versionp);

Status XevieStart     (Display *dpy);

Status XevieSelectInput     (Display *dpy,
    long event_mask);

Status XevieSendEvent (
    (Display *dpy,
    XEvent *event,
    char   *fIdataType);

Status XevieEnd     (Display *dpy);

ArgumentsdisplaySpecifies the connection to the X server. event_maskSpecifies
the mask of events to redirect. datatype XEVIE_MODIFIED or XEVIE_UNMODIFIED
- whether the Xevie client has changed or synthesised this event.  Datatypes
 DescriptionXevie X Event Interception Extension (XEvIE) is designed for
users  who need to intercept all the Keyboard and Mouse events.  The requirement
for XEvIE is directly from GNOME Accessibility project.  AT Accessibility
API needs to have full keyboard/mouse control.  XEvIE provides a set of
API to allow AT Accessibility API to get  and consume Keyboard/Mouse events.
Functions XevieQueryVersion The XevieQueryVersion function returns the
major and minor protocol version  numbers supported by the server. XevieQueryVersion
returns True if success, otherwise, it returns False.  XevieStart The XevieStart
function requests that the X server enable the XEvIE extension. Once XEvIE
is successfully enabled, all the XevieSelectInput specified events  will
be sent to the client which has enabled XEvIE. If XKB or AccessX is enabled,
the events that are sent to the XEvIE clients are XKB/AccessX processed
(filtered) ones.   XevieSend Events are sent back to the X server through
XevieSendEvent.  XevieEnd The XevieEnd function requests that the X server
disables the XEvIE extension. Once XEvIE is disabled successfully, the X
server stops sending events to the XEvIE client.  XevieSelectInput The XevieSelectInput
function requests that the X server reports the keyboard  and pointer events
associated with the specified event mask. By default, X will report KeyPress,
KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease and MotionNotify events.  SH RESTRICTIONS
Xevie will remain upward compatible after the current 1.0 release. AuthorDerek
Wang, Stuart Kreitman, SUN