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Servers marked as "[charset: full international support]" support a "charset" dependent Content-Type and can be used to read text with non Latin 1 encoding. These servers should be preferred for languages such as Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc... This is because many browsers have problems to correctly identify the character encoding and use only the right encoding if it is specified by the webserver.

All this is not applicable to languages based on iso-8859-1 character encoding such as English, German, French, Spanish,...

List of main.linuxfocus.org mirror sites
  • Australia: http://au.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: Australia
    Bandwidth: 155 Mbit/s
    Contact: Jason Andrade <jason(at)planetmirror.com>

  • Austria: http://at.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: down
    Location: Austria, Vienna
    Bandwidth: 9344 kbit/s
    Contact: Othmar Pasteka <mirror(at)atnet.at,op(at)atnet.at>


  • Belgium: http://linuxfocus.unixtech.be/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: Belgium, Liege
    Bandwidth: 5 Mbit/s
    Contact: Cedric Gavage <niddle(at)unixtech.be>

  • Finland: http://www.fi.linuxfocus.org
    Status: OK  [charset: only iso-8859-1]
    Location: Finland, Zoo-Gate Oy
    Bandwidth: 2 Mbit/s
    Contact: Veli-Pekka Yliniemi <webmaster(at)zoo-gate.fi>


  • France: http://www.fr.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: France
    Bandwidth: 4 Mbit/s
    Contact: Fabien Penso <contact(at)linuxfr.org>

  • Germany: http://de.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: 101.3 days old
    Location: Germany
    Bandwidth: 5Mbit/s
    Contact: Guido Socher <guido(at)linuxfocus.org>
  • Germany: http://linuxfocus.berlios.de/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: Germany, Berlin
    Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s
    Contact: Lutz Henckel <lutz.henckel/at/fokus.fraunhofer.de>

  • Netherlands: http://ldp.nedmirror.nl/linuxfocus/
    Status: OK  [charset: only iso-8859-1]
    Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
    Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s
    Contact: Wessel Sandkuyl <mirror(at)nedmirror.nl>

  • Turkey: http://www.be.itu.edu.tr/linuxfocus/mirror/
    Status: Webserver config fault: index.shtml not in DirectoryIndex
    Location: Turkey, Istanbul Technical University
    Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s
    Contact: Erdal Mutlu <erdal(at)linuxfocus.org>

  • United Kingdom: http://linuxfocus.open.ac.uk/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: England
    Bandwidth: 8Mbit/s
    Contact: Kevin Quick <k.c.quick(at)open.ac.uk>


  • USA: http://tldp.org/linuxfocus/
    Status: OK  [charset: full international support]
    Location: USA, North Carolina
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s
    Contact: John Reuning <jreuning(at)metalab.unc.edu, linuxfocus(at)ibiblio.org>

You should use the program rsync to mirror LinuxFocus. Please read mirror site guideline before setting up a mirror. It contains important technical information.

Contact Guido Socher <guido.socher(at)linuxfocus.org> if you have any technical questions regarding the mirror sites.

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