on CD

At this moment does no longer offer CDs with LinuxFocus. We plan to offer our own CDs future.

Here the mail we received from ELS:
 We wanted to let you know that due to serious space constraints we've had to 
 rearrange the LDP CD a little bit. In order to squeeze in all the HOWTO, 
 guide and FAQ documents in multiple formats we elected to provide links back 
 to the Linux Gazette and LinuxFocus on, but not place the content on 
 the CD. In other words, while it still looks the same at the top level, we've 
 elected to place what links to on ibiblio on the CD (the multiple 
 formats), while linking to what they have locally on their website (the on-
 line journals).
 We didn't do this lightly, but conducted an online survey of our visitors 
 over a four month period. We also discussed the changes with the folks at the 
 LDP (or at least gave them the opportunity for comment, which all but Guylhem 
 passed on). The results of the survey indicated that most people wanted the 
 CD for the HOWTO's, guides and FAQ's, with the journals getting around 25% of 
 the vote.
 So, if you have any references on your web site pointing to the CD you may 
 want to remove them at this time, as they will no longer be accurate. In the 
 future we may consider publishing a CD with just the journals (and all back 
 issues--space permitting), but this is what we have for the time being.
 By the way, we also lowered the price to $9.95US per CD.
 John M. Hughes