www.freshmeat.net, software announcements, huge database with a lot of software
www.icewalkers.com, software announcements
www.icewalk.com, software announcements by category with ratings
www.linuxberg.com, (too) colorful software download site
linuxplanet.com, software announcements, news, tutorials and other stuff
Scientific Applications for Linux
www.blackdown.org, Java for Linux
www.themes.org, a new look for your window manager
www.linuxgames.com, games for linux
tuxfinder.com, rpm package search
rpmfind.net, rpm package search
www.apps4linux.org, linux archive [Deutsch]
linux-directory.com, Software and documentation
generic Netscape plugin for Linux (midi, wav,...)
Games for Linux [Russian]
linuxiso.org, Linux ISO images
webloader.de, copies of Linux CDs/DVDs [Deutsch]