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Surfing Internet with Konqueror (as Web-Browser)

Konqueror can be used to surf on internet  (WWW) (just like MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

Remark: In general, clicking means clicking with your *left* mouse button.

When you want to surf Internet with  Konqueror as WWW browser then you must have configured your access to Internet (via (A)DSL, ISDN, Modem or Ethernet) under Knoppix correctly (see Lesson 2: Configuring Knoppix).

Starting Konqueror

k_in_gear Click at the Knoppix-KDE-Desktop at the bottom left on the symbol with character "K".

k_internet Click in the menu that opened at the entry "Internet".

k_konqueror_webbrowser Click in the sub menu that opened at the entry "Konqueror Web Browser".

Now you see the "Konqueror" window, which shows a short introduction to the program:


(1) Click in the "Konqueror" window at the top right at the "arrow" icon, to maximize the window.

In/on the World Wide Web browsen/surfen, calling a WWW site with Konqueror

Make your connection to Internet  (via (A)DSL, ISDN, Modem or Ethernet) (see Lesson 2: Configuring Knoppix).

(1) Click in the "Konqueror" window at the top left in the entry field, right of "Location:", in order to position your cursor in this field. Type in the entry field the URL of the web site (WWW-site) that you would like to see. (e.g.: http://www.linux.com/)  and acknowledge your choice with <ENTER>. The web site will now show in your "Konqueror" window:


(2) you can now  browse by clicking at the blue (often underlined) text lines further through the web.

Konqueror_button_back When you want to go back to previous WWW-sites, then click at the button "Back" in the toolbar (or alternatively, click in the menu in the middle at the entry "Go"  and then on "Back").

(3) When you click at the top in the menu bar at "Help" and then on "Konqueror Handbook", then you can look-up -through the KDE help function- in the manual pages of Konqueror under section "4. Konqueror the Web Browser" and "6. Using Bookmarks" all possibilities of  Konqueror as Web-Browser.

Remark: Konqueror is not only a Web-Browser, but also the standard file manager of  KDE (comparable with e.g. MS Windows Explorer). Read more on this in  Lesson 7.

Ending Konqueror

window_button_x_top_right End the program Konqueror with a click on the symbol "X" icon at the top right of the window.

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This Document describes the Knoppix Version 3.4 CeBit 2004 Edition.
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