Installing Quirky 7.0.3

There is a new experimental installer application, named 'installquirky.amd64'

Download 'installquirky.amd64', and right-click on it to change its permissions to "executable", or do it in a terminal. Then, either click on it to execute it, or do it from a terminal:
# chmod 755 installquirky.amd64
# ./installquirky.amd64
Actually, given the experimental nature of the Quirky Installer, I recommend running from a terminal, so as to see any error message that might come onto the console.

You don't have to download anything else. The Installer will offer installation choices, and download the appropriate file, and install it.

Some release notes

8GB image
There is a ready-to-go image for a 8GB USB-stick, that is not handled (yet) by the installer, named 'april64-7.0.3-8gb.img.xz'. If you have a 8GB (or greater) stick available, that is a simple alternative way to install and evaluate Quirky.
Just download that file and write it to the USB-stick, as per "Method D" instructions here:

UEFI support
The 8GB image and the Quirky Installer install-to-drive (USB stick, SD-card or removable SSD) are the only installation modes that currently support booting on a UEFI "Win8" computer.

All other modes, frugal, install-to-partition, live-CD, require that Legacy Boot be enabled in the UEFI-Setup.
Read the background on UEFI booting for Quirky here:

Note, I am expecting to make the live-CD proper UEFI-bootable in the next release of Quirky (probably 7.0.4).

Follow my blog for progress reports:

There is of course the usual waivure of all responsibility. I provide tools and documentation in good faith, however you use them entirely at your own risk.

Barry Kauler
April 8, 2015