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!INDEX.html              Long index format
BitFontEdit-3.1.3.tar.gz enables you to draw bit-mapped font for VT220+ and Wyse terminals
chichot-0.12.tar.gz      agent tool/personal assistant with Tcl/Tk interface                 fixes terminals which are displaying garbage
forktty-1.2.tgz          forks, disconnects from the controlling terminal, optionally connects to a different controlling terminal and runs a program
ibm3164_to_vt100-1.0.tar.gz Listens on a given port...and links the two connections together
ile-linux.tgz            pty based front end to command-line environments
qterm-6.0.tar.gz         automatically determines terminal type
qterm.example            example qterm setup
settrans1.3.tar.gz       sets terminal translation
showkey-1.4-1.i386.rpm   reads keys and spits out printable form
showkey-1.4-1.src.rpm    reads keys and spits out printable form
showkey-1.4.tar.gz       reads keys and spits out printable form
stty.tar.Z               Set the characteristics of a terminal line
sysline-1.1.tar.gz       displays a status line on the bottom of a terminal
tput10A.Notes            Notes on tput10A
tput10A.taz              Allows shell scripts to use the tty
ttysnoop-0.12c.tar.gz    lets you watch on serial lines/telnet ins
twin-0.3.10.tar.gz       a Text mode WINdow environment

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