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LPSW-1.0.0.tar.gz        Linux Printer Server for Windows networks.
PriMa-0.3.tar.gz         A graphical interface to the famous PSUtils
a2gs-5.0.tar.gz          program for converting ASCII to POSTSCRIPT
a2x-1.0.tar.gz           tool for formatting+converting ascii to PostScript
aps-491.tgz              magicfilter for lpd with auto filetype detection
apsfilter-4.9.9.tar.gz   Magicfilter for lpd with auto filetype detection
ascii2postscript-1.4.5.tar.gz An ASCII to PostScript (level 1 compliant) transformer
atp-1.2.tar.gz           an ASCII to PostScript converter
bjf-1.2.tar.gz           lpd input filter for BJ200, flags for 2-sided 2/4-up, draft etc
bubbletools-1.5.tar.gz   conversion of G3-Fax, PBM and PPM-Color files into printable data
cjet089.tgz              A filter program to provide HP LaserJet emulation for Canon CaPSL III laser printers
cnprint-2.30.linux.tar.gz chinese GB/HZ/Big5 -> PS printing program
cnprint320.tar.gz        CNPRINT is a utility to print Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) text (or convert to PostScript) under DOS, VMS and UNIX systems.
covermaker-1.0.tar.gz    Program to print cover's for normal (old) Music-Tapes
dj-printcap.tar.gz       install all the files and scripts needed to print textfiles and Postscript files on a HP Deskjet
djetool-0.1.6.tar.gz     utility for setting printing options for HP deskjets
djp-0.3-src.tgz          Print ASCII files on your DeskJet, simple
djscript.1.3.tar.gz      Text file formatter for the HP DeskJet 500 printer
ez-magic-1.0.5.tar.gz    printer filter that supports 8 common file formats
fenform-2.0.tar.gz       Printing utility to avoid using pre-printed stationery
fenform-2.0.tar.gz.md5   Printing utility to avoid using pre-printed stationery
fenprint-1.0.0.md5       Utility to use email and fax as virtual printers.
fenprint-1.0.0.tar.gz    Utility to use email and fax as virtual printers.
flpr-2.1.tar.gz          ???
free-lj4-1.1p1.tar.gz    sets modes of your HP LaserJet 4 printer
gstransfer-0.2.tgz       Interactive graphical tool for editing color transfer curves of GhostScript for color printers
gstransfer.tgz           curves of GhostScript for color printers
hp4laser-3.20.tar.gz     shell script print filter for "lpr", "LPRng", and is also a System V "lp" spooler model
hpmodeset2.1.tar.gz      encapsulate print files within arbitrary printer control statements
hptools-1.2.3.tar.gz     Makes it easy to send commands like 'carriage return on' to the HP560C printer
kljettool-0.2.1.tar.gz   config tool for HP LaserJets and other PJL printers
klp-0.2.tar.gz           GUI based replacement/wrapper for lpr/lpq/lprm
klpc-0.33.tar.gz         Gui for LPRNG
klpq-0.3.2.tgz           displays the contents of the printer queue
listing-13.tar.gz        Listing printer
listing-14.tgz           Listing printer
lpr-linux-1.0.0.tar.gz   lpr-linux is a line printer suit
lpr-secure.tgz           Berkeley printer facility from Slackware
lpr2-1.2l.gz             duplex/page selection printing utility
lprMagic-2.4.tgz         lprMagic is an lineprinter input filter
lpreset-0.1.tar.gz       Simple utility that does a hard printer reset
magicfilter-1.2.tar.gz   A customizable, extensible automatic printer filter
mpage24.tgz              Mpage, many to one page printing utility
natali-1.22.tar.gz       ???
nenscript-1.13++.bin.tar.z translates_a_text_file_into_the_format
nenscript-1.13++.tar.z   IP/TCP, IP/UDP and IP/ICMP packets
p910nd-0.3.tar.gz        Tiny non-spooling printer daemon for Linux hosts
pnmposter-0.1.tgz        a netpbm-based unix command line tool to print images in poster size
pnmtoprt-2.0.tar.gz      a printer driver for printing pnm-graphics
powercolor-0.3.tar.gz    a graphical frontend for setting some printing parameters for HP Deskjets
ppr-doc-1.30.tar.gz      a print spooler specificaly designed for PostScript printers
ppr-speach-1.30.tar.gz   PostScript printers
ppr-src-1.30.tar.gz      a print spooler specificaly designed for PostScript printers
ps-printcap.tgz          printcap and filter: printing postscript on non-postscript
ps2lj-0.1.gz             Converter from Postscript to Laserjet
pslabels-1.1.tar.gz      places encapsulated postscript files on a page for label printing
rlpr-2.02.tar.gz         send print jobs to lpd servers anywhere on a network
sii_printpbm-1.1.tar.gz  allows you to print PBM files to the SII SLP1100 label from a UNIX box
simpleprint-1.0.tar.gz   Alternative, small, elegant print spooler
sqprint.c                ???
tixlpq-0.3.10.tar.gz     tixlpq is a simple (but very nice) frontend for lpq and lpc
tkcdlayout-0.4.tar.gz    A creator of CD jewel case inserts using LaTeX
tunelp-1.3.tar.gz        ???
usb-printer-id-1.1.tar.gz Extract IEEE-1284 parallel port ID information from USB parallel port dongles
vgrindbin.tgz            vgrind formats the program sources which are arguments in a nice style using troff
vgrindsrc.tgz            vgrind formats the program sources which are arguments in a nice style using troff
xlpq-1.0.2.tgz           X11 program to manage your printqueue
xlpq_v1.0.1.tgz          X11 program to manage your printqueue
xprt-0.9.003.tar.gz      xprt allows the usage of auxiliary printers attached to terminals
xwgui-2.04.tar.gz        xwGUI is an Photo-Print-GUI for the xwTools
xwprint.tar.gz           Gimp-PlugIn for printing Higher Image Quality on Photo Printers
y2l.tar.gz               yacc(1) grammar description file and generates an EBNF (Extended Backus-Naur Form) grammar from it

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