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Xeject-1.1.tar.gz        X-based CDROM mount/unmount utility
amd920824upl67.tar.gz    automount daemon
autofs-3.1.7.tar.gz      kernel-assisted automounter for Linux
automount-0.09.05.tar.gz simple automounter for local devices
fdmount-0.8.tar.gz       mounts floppies w/ disk and fs detection
fstool-1.0-1.noarch.rpm  A Tcl/Tk based file system mounter
fstool-1.0-1.tgz         A Tcl/Tk based file system mounter
kamount-0.6.tar.gz       cd/jaz/zip automounter for KDE and Gnome
mount-0.99.2.tar.Z       Mount for 0.99.2 and after
mount-0.99.6.tar.Z       Latest mount w/ support for nfs filesystems
mount-2.8a.tar.gz        Mount for 0.99.2 and after       Patches to allow mounting of CD roms
mount-utils-1.10.tar.gz  tool to safely allow users to mount filesystems
usermount-0.3.tar.gz     Mount w/ support for users mounting filesystems
vold_1.1.orig.tar.gz     daemon to mount removable media, such as cdroms
xmmount-4.8.tar.gz       motif app for mounting/unmounting filesystems
xmount10.tgz             X apps for mounting/unmounting filesystem
xvmount36.taz            openlook device monitor and mounter

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