Index of /public/ftp/pub/Linux/system/mail/mua

../                      Parent directory
!INDEX.html              Long index format
UMT-1.00b3-full_static-linux_elf.tar.gz beta version of GUI mail tool
UMT.license.common.valid.until.31-10-96 license for UMT
X11-QMR-1.5.dbin.tar.gz  Qmail dynamically linked
X11-QMR-1.5.sbin.tar.gz  Qmail statically linked
X11-QMR-1.5.src.tar.gz   X11/Motif Qmail offline mail reader for Unix [src]
XCmail-0.99.7.bin.Linux.glibc.tar.gz X11 mailtool using Xclasses layout library
XCmail-0.99.7.bin.Linux.tar.gz X11 mailtool using Xclasses layout library
arrow-1.0.8.glibc2_0.bin.tgz a UNIX E-mail program for X
arrow-1.0.8.glibc2_1.bin.tgz a UNIX E-mail program for X
ec-1.24.tar.gz           EC is a GUI email reader/composer for Linux and Solaris that uses Perl and the Perl/Tk libraries.
elm-2.4pl25pgp3.tgz      Elm 2.4pl25 with builtin pgp support
gnos-1.10.tgz            easily internationalized mailer (w/ english, russian)
mail.local.tar.gz        port of bsd's mail.local
mailpgp-0.75b.gz         Interface for inserting PGP into email messages
mailx-5.3a-5.3b.diff.gz  diffs to compile mailx - good /bin/mail replacement
mailx-5.3b.tar.gz        source for mailx
mailx-5.5-kw.diff.gz     patch to mailx to support System V, SunOS features
mailx-5.5-kw.tar         patch to mailx to support System V, SunOS features
mh-6.8.3-bin.tgz         binaries for the MH mail system
mh-6.8.3-diffs.tgz       patch to build MH 6.8.3 on linux
mh-6.8.3-src.tgz         MH source code
mh-6.8.4-linux-patch.gz  patch to build mh 6.8.4 under Linux
ml-1.3.2.bin.tar.gz      IMAP mail client for X11/Motif
mmr-1.5.1.tar.gz         curses based MIME aware UNIX mailer
mr-0.9.4.tar.gz          mr is a colorful mailreader
mumail-2.4b-bin.tgz      X11 multimedia mail reader [bin]
mumail-2.4b-src.tgz      X11 multimedia mail reader [src]
mush-7.2.5.diff          patch to compile mush mail reader
mutt-0.89.1.elf.tar.gz   the mutt mailreader with color and built-in POP3
pine3.95.ELF.tgz         pine 3.95 ELF binaries
sandmail-0.0010.tar.gz   Sandmail is a mime-compliant user mail agent
soma-0.3.2.tar.gz        mail reader based on XView
tkmail-2.0beta.tar.gz    tk based X mail reader
tkmr-0.9.tar.gz          read-only mail file browser for X
xmail_1.6.tar.gz         X mail reader for Berkely mail systems

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