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Contents of README:
These are the 'summary' outputs of hbench-OS 1.0 for NetBSD 1.5S,
Linux 2.4.1, FreeBSD 4.2 and Solaris 8. The Linux 2.4.1 kernel
ran on top of a RedHat 7 installation.

The file 'summary.partial.netbsd15' was a partial re-run with a
NetBSD 1.5 kernel on the same machine, to get some insight
on the differences between NetBSD-current and NetBSD 1.5.

Data: the machine was a Pentium 200, with 64M of memory. See the 'dmesg'
file for the machine configuration. The operating systems were installed
on the same disk, in ascending order: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD.
The location of where they are on the disk will have had a slight effect
on raw disk speed, but measuring that wasn't the main motivation, and
I believe those differences are small. For NetBSD and FreeBSD, the
test filesystem was mounted with soft updates enabled.

hbench was compiled using gcc 2.95.2 on all systems, with the same

The kernels used on the different OSs:

	* NetBSD 1.5S:	GENERIC, but without DIAGNOSTIC
	* FreeBSD 4.2:	GENERIC as came with the distribution (also doesn't
			incude DIAGNOSTIC)
	* Linux 2.4.1:	See the file 'linux.config'. I attempted to keep
			the configuration close to the GENERIC kernels
			of NetBSD and FreeBSD, when it comes to functionality
			(like no SMP enabled, IP filtering installed, IPv6
			enabled, PCI IDE DMA enabled by default)
	* Solaris 8:	The default kernel that was installed.


	* The lat_fs numbers for Solaris 8 are weird (way too fast to
	  seem possible). I re-ran that part of hbench to make sure,
	  but got the same result, even with or without the 'logging'
	  option for UFS enabled.

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