user contributed stuff for pdaxrom


list of all packages on this site

Feed for rc5+ armvtel architecture
Feed for rc11+ armvtel architecture

2or0's feed qt uim lmterm sudoku and more
anunakin's feed hp48 emulator and more
armagon's feed inkscape
daal's feed : e17 (screenshot), freepascal and more. more info on daal's homepage and in this thread
desertrat's feed jwhois, cbreader and more
dtruchan's feed vim, xbill and more
Chero's feed xfce and more
cortez's feed javmvm, transparent cursor, xmahjongg
cs_jacky's feed gnome sword, gnome terminal xfe..
iamphet's feed window maker
jabbath's feed games mathomatic and more (feed for rc5 you might need the lib below)
jcabrer's feed ctorrent pdaxmame and more
jerrybme's feed aircrack wellenreiterII
pgas's feed. emacs rosetta fsxterm and more
pungipungi's feed. sudoku fltk-bedic and more
merli's feed. fillets_ng, beetles and more 's feed Japanese support, gplflash and more
rgrep's feed. burgerspace, flite putty and more
ShadowMaster's feed. ng-spice rework
shiroikuma's feed. kde images, tweak, prime-uim and more
Xromer's feed.gpe stuff
zdevil's feed. vym tuxcards jpilot and more
zumi's feed. kopi-alarm, fvwm-pdaxrom

To use the packages in the rc5+ feed with rc11+ running on your Zaurus you might need to install libstdcxx5-compat_5.0.7_armv5tel.ipk


over 300 ipks for Zaurus-5000D-5500 compiled by VoiDeR Great Job!
Feed compiled for Zaurus-5000D-5500


Various things compiled for pdaxrom kde squashfs images, full qt install gpe development


some information about managing the ipks
Installing the native sdk. (on board compilation)
Cross Sdk Howto
How to make an ipk
How jerrybme compiled his kernel
Why and how to format the card
About swap
Autorotate in xfce howto

Some threads on that might be of interest

If someone wants to sum up these threads, please do so and send me a mail

Chrooted Debian: here and here
Distcc compilation: here
Visual builder (make your own rom without compilation:here
Xfce finetuning:here


Lots of somehow (un)organized stuff.Have a look under the cacko dir
Chero's homepage
Japanese pdaxrom wiki (In Japanese)
Installing and tweaking pdaxrom for Japanese support Long article, in japanese, about pdaxrom
Japanese book with a chapter dedicated to pdaxrom
Pdaxrom themes and tweaks site
Loosehacker's siteuml editor, znester, ImageMagick and more
FBReader(E-book reader for Linux PDAs and desktop)
Marcus Kracht's homepage
KopsisIR Keyboard Drivers for the Sharp Zaurus (Zkbdd)
yoshi'wiki about pdaxrom (cjb)
John's little Zaurus page
shula's scripts and tips
test et astuces en Fran├žais pour pdaxrom (dont "francisaton")


pdaxrom forum : on
pdaxrom on irc: #cacko on (ask your question, wait for an answer for more than 5 minutes it's not a very active channel)


If you have comments suggestions, want to have some things added here, whatever contact (pgas on