user contributed stuff for pdaxrom


list of all packages on this site

Feed for rc5+ armvtel architecture
Feed for rc11+ armvtel architecture

daal's feed : e17 (screenshot), freepascal and more. more info on daal's homepage and in this thread
dtruchan's feed vim, xbill and more
Chero's feed xfce and more
jcabrer's feed ctorrent pdaxmame and more
pgas's feed. emacs rosetta fsxterm and more 's feed Japanese support, gplflash and more
rgrep's feed. burgerspace, flite putty and more
jabbath's feed games mathomatic and more (feed for rc5 you might need the lib below

To use the packages in the rc5+ feed with rc11+ running on your Zaurus you might need to install libstdcxx5_compat_5.0.7_armv5tel.ipk


some information about managing the ipks
Installing the native sdk. (on board compilation)
Why and how to format the card


Chero's homepage
Japanese pdaxrom wiki
Pdaxrom themes and tweaks site
Loosehacker's site uml editor, znester, ImageMagick and more


pdaxrom forum : on
pdaxrom on irc: #cacko on (ask your question, wait for an answer for more than 5 minutes it's not a very active channel)


If you have comments suggestions, want to have some things added here, whatever contact (pgas on