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Chatting with X-Chat

Chatting is communication over internet with keyboard and screen in real-time.

X-Chat is a program to take part in the Chat System IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

Extensive information (even in English) on IRC can be found on: http://irc.pages.de.

Remark: In general, clicking means clicking with your *left* mouse button.

When you want to chat over internet then you must have configured your access to Internet (via (A)DSL, ISDN, Modem or Ethernet) under Knoppix correctly (see Lesson 2: Configuring Knoppix).

Starting X-Chat

Make your connection to Internet  (via (A)DSL, ISDN, Modem or Ethernet) (see Lesson 2: Configuring Knoppix).

k_in_gear Click at the Knoppix-KDE-Desktop at the bottom left on the symbol with character "K".

k_internet Click in the menu that opened at the entry "Internet".

k_xchat Click in the sub menu that opened at the entry "X Chat".

Appearing now is the "X-Chat: Server List" window:

XChat-Serverlist1-Window (1) In the window, first enter your name or an alias under which you want to be known  in the chat system. This alias or nick-name is important. Take as a nickname preferably one that is unique, such as your first name and the year/date of your birth, when necessary combined with some digits of your telephone number. If you need more nicknames, simply take the old one and add an underscore "_" or two "__".

(2) Check mark then with a click "[ ] Edit mode", to select a discussion channel...

XChat-Serverlist2-Window ... When you have marked the check box "[X] Edit mode", then you can select in the field right of  "Join Channels:" for the server that you check marked (in our case "Debian Servers") the channels that you want enter (in our case the channels #debian and #knoppix).

Channels are discussion groups with separate themes.  In the channel #debian the theme is Debian-Linux. In #knoppix all discussion is on Knoppix.

When you have selected the channels, then click on <Connect> the "X-Chat" window opens that is shown below and the connection to the channel is made. The establishing of the connection may take a few minutes, so be patient!

Chatting with X-Chat

The "X-Chat" window appears:


(1) The left pane shows from the actual channel the contribution of the various partners to the discussion. The newest contributions are always added at the bottom.

(2) The right pane shows from the actual channel the current list of active participants (their nicknames).

(3) A right click at a nickname (in our case the name: bgatms) shows detailed information of the person.

(4) At the bottom all channels that are entered are listed. With a click on such a channel, this channel is made the actual channel. When a channel becomes red, this means that there are new contributions in the channel. With a right click on a channel, and an adequate selection in the menu that opened, you can abandon a channel.

(5) In the line right from your nickname, you can enter with your keyboard your own contribution to the active channel. When you press <ENTER> your contribution is communicated to the channel and it shows top left at (1). Then it is also visible for all participants of the channel.
If you enter, however, a string like: "/j #knoppix.de" then this is a command string with which you indicate that you want to enter the channel #knoppix.de.

An description of what else you all can do with X-Chat, you can find in the X-Chat Documentation.

Ending X-Chat

window_button_x_top_right End the X-Chat program with a click on the X" icon at the top right of the window.

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This Document describes the Knoppix Version 3.4 CeBit 2004 Edition.
Copyright (c) 2004-04-19 Karl Schock. (Thanks to all that have contributed to this document - special thanks to Pieter Jonker for translation into english.)
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