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Booting Knoppix

Prerequisite: You have a Knoppix CD.
(When you do not have a Knoppix-CD, then read at www.knoppix.de how and where you can acquire this small jewel)

Knoppix is a Linux that runs from CD.

You do not need to install Linux on your hard disk of your PC. The PC itself (hard disk, etc.) will not be touched.

So simply boot/start Linux from the Knoppix-CD, work / experiment / play with Linux, stop Linux, remove the Knoppix CD and everything on your PC is as it was before - unchanged.

So far the theory. In practice this holds for about 80-90% of the PCs. For the others there are some problems when booting / starting from the Knoppix-CD, but happily these problems can often be solved quite simply.

So do the practical test:

- when after a few minutes the Knoppix-KDE-Desktop, as pictured below, is displayed at your screen and the mouse pointer can be correctly moved with the mouse, then you can lean back and relax. You have a PC that boots Linux through the Knoppix-CD :-)
You now only have to know how the Knoppix-KDE-Desktop is closed down again. That you can learn here.
- when after a few minutes the Knoppix-KDE-Desktop, as pictured below, is not displayed at your screen or when the mouse pointer can not be correctly moved with the mouse, then you have to give the install a helping hand. For this you have to approach it systematically.

Picture: Knoppix-KDE-Desktop


The Knoppix-KDE-Desktop is closed down as follows:

You can now start to configure Knoppix so that it matches your hardware and needs. How that is done you will find under "Configuring Knoppix".

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This Document describes the Knoppix Version 3.4 CeBit 2004 Edition.
Copyright (c) 2004-04-19 Karl Schock. (Thanks to all that have contributed to this document - special thanks to Pieter Jonker for translation into english.)
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