VectorLinux 5
SOHO Edition

  What´s in the Soho Edition?

Vector Linux SOHO, as its name implies, is a distro aimed at Small Office and Home Office users. Therefore, it comes ready to run out of the box with:

  • KDE, one of the best and more comprehensive desktop environments.
  • OpenOffice productivity suite.
  • Business applications for personal information, finance, and database.
  • Powerfull web development systems, including the local server.
  • Simple to advance graphics editors.
  • Complete Internet applications, especially the Firefox with preconfigured PDF, MPlayer, FlashPlayer and Java plugins
  • Multimedia and entertainment, for music and video playing and even web content streaming.
  • Internet and Network Neighborhood connectivity.
  • Support for peripherals including printers, scanners, digital cameras, fax/modems.

All of that, with Vector Linux´s trademark: well integrated, light, fast, and stable. Hmm ... actually we also regard look&feel as an important aspect for SOHO, thus declared SOHO as 'the beautiful Vector Linux' project.

Vector Linux SOHO is relatively heavy compared to the standard version. It is recommended that your system meets these requirements:
  • Processor: Pentium III compatible or better (so you may use AMD).
  • Hardisk: 3 GB for the system, then you need more for your personal files.
  • Memory: 128 MB, spare 256 MB for comfort.
  • Video card and Monitor capable of 1024x768 resolution, 24 bit color.
  • Standard mouse, keyboard, sound card, CDROM, etc.

If you are ready, the ISO file is about 650MB, free to download.

  Features Illustrated
Quick installation with autosetup
Stable kernel 2.4.x with fast VL-Init system
GUI system : X-Window Xorg 6.8.1 and KDM login manager
Diet desktop: Lightweigh IceWM, look & menu like KDE
Main desktop: KDE 3.3.2
Fancy desktop: not just a bare KDE
Internet: Firefox complete with plugins, Konqueror, KMail, gFtp, Kasablanca, gtk-gnutella, xchat, and more
Web development: Quanta and Bluefish backed up by XAMPP (Apache+MySQL+PHP+ProFTP)
Productivity: Open Office, Abiword, Scribus
Business: Kontact, GnuCash, QHacc, KMyMoney, Tellico
Graphics: Gwenview, GQView, Gimp, InkScape, and kdegraphics
Advanced Graphics: QCad, Blender
Multimedia: XMMS, Xine, MPlayer, and kdemultimedia
Support for Printer, Fax, Scanner, Digital Camera, PenDrive, Wireless
Utilities: kdeutil, k3b, qtparted, also firewall with guarddog and guidedog
System maintenance made easy: VASM and VLAPT (slapt-get)

  About Vector Linux SOHO

Vector Linux founder is Robert S. Lange (nickname = Vector) from Canada. The first SOHO flavour was version 2.5, introduced by Vector on 2002. Tony Brijeski (Tigger) came to be the architect of the very successfull SOHO 3.2. Since then, many volunteers have joined the project. VL SOHO 4.0rc1 was the first VL based on community effort, leadered by Mutiny and Tigger. For VL SOHO 5.0, Eko M. Budi (Kocil) stepped up and ran with the torch.

Vector Linux SOHO 5.0 is the contribution of:

  • Vector, the God Father. Integrated Firefox with MPlayer, Java, Flash, PDF, GAIM. Also silently ironed the wrinkles here and there.
  • Kocil, chief in charge. Had fun building the distro using the new vectelopment system, and bashing the big fat KDE babe.
  • UKBill, artistic and documentation leader. The one that made the SOHO shine.
  • PastorEd, spiritual leader. Beside of blessing us everyday, he is a good artist, KDE/IceWM decorator, and package maker.
  • Suse-refugee, the dude. Always care about keymap, cd, dvd, IceWM and the forum.
  • Joe1962, vecteloper. Tireleless tinkered with the LILO bitmap menu and USB pendrive, also suggested many software choices.
  • Paul, vecteloper. P is for Printing.
  • JohnVan, vecteloper. With the wireless trilogy, he won the best new comer of the release.
  • Ren and TonyH9904, vectelopers. GnuCash is their legacy that still carries on from VL 4.x.
  • Vxt, the informant. Regarding Linux how-to and manual, he is better than google.
  • WebMouse, documentor and artist. He made that Vector 3D movie, in the browser test bed, find it out.
  • BigPaws, Tester. Very concerned about office software selection. The most fun experience with him was doing hardware testing remotelly.
  • JohnB316, Tester. Tried to make sax work (no luck, but that was a very valuable effort).
  • Niiler, vecteloper. Still working on the new GUI installer.
  • Jason Woodward, guest developer. Came from out of nowhere and gave guidance for the new VLAPT. He is the slapt-get guy, indeed.
  • Tigger, SOHO architect. Got back from his vacation and quickly helped the born of VL SOHO 5.0.
Many thanks to all vectorites & vectorbies, that give ideas, bug reports, solutions and courage.

Happy Vectoring ...


© 2004, Vector Linux.