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VLocity Linux Standard ver 6.0

Congratulation for having this VLocity Linux release.

VLocityLINUX is a small, fast, Linux operating system for Intel, AMD and x86 compatible systems, based on one of the original Linux distributions, Slackware. The enormously popular Slackware is the true 'Unix' of Linux distributions and is used by major corporations, universities and home users alike. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is a robust, versatile and almost unbreakable system. We have produced a bloat free, easy to install, configure and maintain Slackware based system that is second to none. We include automatic hardware configuration, unique administration tools and easy package management via the Gslapt/slapt-get system. We are also known as the fastest non-source distro on the planet!

Some highlights on this particular VL Standard release are:

* New GUI Installer
  - M0eLnx finished the gui installer project that was started by joe1962

* Optimized Linux kernel
  - kernel with support for most old and new hardware
  - minimum target processor: i586 
  - automatic UP/SMP, HT, dual core processor support
  - scheduling: preemptive 
  - high memory support : 4GB
  - memory split: 3GB user / 1GB kernel (full 1GB low memory) 
  - timer frequency: 1000
  - patches : bootsplash, squashfs, tuxonice
  - kernel headers to support nvidia,ndiswrapper,ltmodem compilation
  - kernel sources with all related packages and patches included

* Upgraded VL Installer:
  - lzma based. Packs a lot more apps.
  - allows additional mount points

* Upgraded VASM (init system and system configurator):
  - significant changes to support udev (see rc.S, rc.M, rc.udev)
  - upgraded network configurators (vinet*) and the init (rc.inet)
  - upgraded keymap configurators (vxkbset, vkeymap) and the init (rc.keymap)
  - upgraded X configurators (vxconf) and the init (rc.X)
  - contributed fixes including ncpfs(from YaP), vliloconf (joe, uelsk8s)
  - not compatible with the old vasm on VL 5.x anymore !!!

* Upgraded packaging system:
  - support tlz package format, as well as tgz and tbz
  - no more vlapt program, gslapt instead
  - lzma and tar, the basic compression utilities 
  - pkgtools-tukaani, replacing slack's pkgtools
  - checkinstall, patched to support lzma and autodependency package creation
  - slapt-get and gslapt, great downloader and dependency tracking installer
  - midnight commander with support for lzma virtual fs

* Using full udev system:
  - automatic hardware module loading, during boot or when plugging in
  - upgraded VL-Hot for external drive automounting
  - added tools: modules-init-tools, sysfsutils, pcmciautils.

* Upgraded VLArt
  - added a couple of user and "root" wallpapers from UKBill
  - new default wallpaper from omasta

* New applications
  - editor: mousepad, medit
  - internet: SeaMonkey, Opera, FireFox, dillo
  - graphics: gimp, mtpaint
  - multimedia: audacious
  - games: pysol xgalaga and penguin command

* New libraries
  - gui toolkit: qt3, wxGTK
  - graphics: x11-fonts, cairo, jasper, poppler, chmlib, ...

Please try and enjoy this release, then share your comments, suggestions, questions or anything else, at http://www.vlocitylinux.com/forum1

First of all, of course, to all open source developers around the world. Special thanks for this time go to :
- Patrick J. Volkerding (you know him, don't you)
- Jason Woodward (the slapt-get man)
- Lasse Colin (the tukaani and lzma guy)
- Pieter Punk (for his udev solution)

Last but not the least, to all vlocityites that encouraged, tracked down the bugs, and gave ideas for the greatest VLocity Linux ever.

Enjoy & happy VLocitying ...
VL Founder : Robert S. Lange

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