Quirky Tahr 6.0.1

This is a bug-fix release of 6.0

Some changes though:

  1. SeaMonkey suite instead of QupZilla.
  2. Adobe Flash player removed. SeaMonkey plays youtube.com HTML5 videos.
  3. /home directory changed to /file
For news:

The 'devx' PET (100.4MB):

If you already have 6.0 installed, there is an upgrade Service Pack, for the 'devx' also. Go to Quirky Version Upgrade Manager in the Filesystem menu.

A note about the Service Pack:
It is supposed to delete /home, but doesn't. So, do that manually.

If you need to install the Adobe Flash player, see GetFlash in the Internet menu.

For some of the bugs fixed since 6.0, see the Forum:

Barry Kauler
February 2, 2014