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Quirky started life as a fork of Puppy Linux, to explore different ideas. Thus, there could be major changes from one release to another. However, certain features have solidified, such as support for full installs only (dumping SFS layers and the "save-file").

Quirky 6.0 was released in December 2013, followed by many improvements. Read about the background of this early Quirky here: 1

Quirky Tahr builds on the same ideas, except is constructed with binary DEB packages from the Ubuntu Trusty Tahr repository. Quirk Tahr debuted at 6.0, though chronologically later than the above Quirky series. The latest Quirky Tahr is 6.0.5, released February 16, 2014, read about it here: 1

After a hiatus of several months, I created Quirky Unicorn, which is built from Ubuntu Utopic Unicorn (version 14.10) DEB packages. The "Unicorn series" debuted at version 6.2, released October 25, 2014, latest is 6.2.1: 1 2

Now we have Quirky 7.0, which is whole new ball game.

Introducing Quirky 7.0

I created Puppy Linux back in 2003, but there was never a toolchain for compiling Puppy completely from source. Instead, Puppy is built from binary packages of another distro, plus PET packages compiled natively.
We did use the T2 system right back at Puppy v2, T2 being a system to compile from source, however it only compiled a big chunk of the packages, not all. We still used manual compiling to create many PET packages.

Until now. In early 2015, I tackled the formidable task of compiling everything in T2, and I had to introduce 105 new packages into T2. It took a couple of months, but I eventually was able to compile every package required for Quirky (or Puppy).

T2 is able to compile for various CPU targets, and the proof of concept was when I compiled for a x86_64 CPU (all previous builds had been for i686). I was able to build a x86_64-based Quirky, and it works the same as the i686 build (after some tweaks).

Great! I decided to jump this new Quirky to 7.0, and gave it the codename "April".

7.0 release notes

These are links to my blog, mostly in reverse-chronological order:
  1. Quirky is intended for full installs, but now supports live-CD and "frugal" installs (with severe restrictions) 1 2
  2. System, utility, fixes and improvements 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  3. T2 builds all packages for Quirky (and Puppy) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  4. T2 and woofQ hosted by Bones 1 2
  5. New and improved applications 1 2 
As usual, Quirky has most applications that a user needs, "out of the box".
This includes SeaMonkey, Abiword, Gnumeric, Planner, Xine, Osmo, NoteCase, Grisbi, mtPaint, InkscapeLite, Xsane, plus just about all required drivers and firmware. All of this in a remarkably small size!
Regarding extra packages, not much yet, but we do plan to create more PETs.

The name April has an origin. She is a little dog, now the mascot for Quirky 7.0:

Download and installation

The primary download site is here:

x86_64: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/amd64/april-7.0/
i686: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/x86/april-7.0/

There are faster mirrors, for example nluug in Europe:

x86_64: http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/quirky/quirky6/amd64/april-7.0/
i686: http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/quirky/quirky6/x86/april-7.0/

There are various ways to install Quirky, please read this:
How To Install Quirky


Unlike Puppy, Quirky does not use SFS files. Therefore, the "devx", the package that turns Quirky into a complete compile environment, is a PET package.
Similarly, if you need the Linux kernel source, it is also a PET package.

You can find the appropriate devx PET here:

x86_64: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/amd64/packages/pet_packages-april/
i686: http://distro.ibiblio.org/quirky/quirky6/x86/packages/pet_packages-april/

Just check in /lib/modules to see what version of the kernel Quirky is built with (or run "uname -r" in a terminal), then grab the "kernel_src" PET from here:


As with all my Quirkies, I don't go through a long bug-fix cycle with users/testers. Instead, I just release a Quirky when it seems OK to me, and maybe release updates (Service Packs) later.


I am really retired from Linux development, just doing this Quirky thing as an occasional entertainment. But, there are threads on the Puppy Forum where you can provide feedback and discuss with other users, and I will likely also read these threads.


...please look in the "Bugs" section for a feedback thread for Quirky April 7.0.

Don't report bugs direct to me, unless you have a fix. There are expected to be bug fixes and upgrades. Monitor my blog for news about these:


Barry Kauler
February 27, 2015