Upgrading Quirky

If you already have an earlier version of Quirky installed, a Service Pack may be available to upgrade to the latest version.

For example, you have installed Quirky 7.0, and a Service Pack is available for 7.0.1.

Service Packs are PET packages. A PET is the native package format for Puppy Linux and derivatives and forks (such as Quirky).

The advantage of a Service Pack is that it is a small download, plus you don't have to go to the trouble of installing an entire new version.

There are two ways to find out if a Service Pack is available to upgrade your current installation:
  1. Run the Package Manager
    See the "install" icon at top-left of the screen. When the Package Manager starts, it will automatically scan for existence of Service Packs -- as long as you have Internet access. If an upgrade is available, the Package Manager will offer to download and install it.
  2. Run the Version Upgrade Manager
    See the Filesystem entry in the Menu at bottom-left of the screen.
    This does the same thing, scans for Service Packs.

Barry Kauler
March, 2015