Appril 7.1

Appril is a special build of Quirky Linux for Android app developers. Please see the announcement for version 7.1, the debut of Appril, here:
To avoid confusion, please note that earlier releases of Quirky were codenamed April. The April series started from version 7.0, and they are a normal Linux distribution. There are likely to be upgrades to April sometime in the future.
There is a choice of two files to download. If you are running Windows or a Mac, then you will be forced to option A only. If you are running Linux, then choose A or B.

Option A: 16GB drive image

'appril-7.1-16gb.img.xz' is an image for a 16GB USB Flash drive or SD card.

In Linux, this is how to write it to the drive, for the example of the target drive being /dev/sdb:
# xz --decompress --stdout appril-7.1-16gb.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=4M
# sync Linux, make sure that the drive is not mounted before doing this.

Running in Windows, 'appril-7.1.16gb.img.xz' has first got to be expanded, and then written to the target drive. The compressed file expands from 1GB to about 15GB, so the Windows partition must have at least about 16GB free space.

A Windows utility that will expand an 'xz' compressed file is 7-zip.
A Windows utility that will write 'appril-7.1-16gb.img' to the target is HDDRawCopy.

Option B: Install to any drive or partition

Download 'installquirky.x86' and optionally 'appril-7.1.usfs.xz'.

Right-click on 'installquirky.x86' to change its permissions to "executable", or do it in a terminal. Then, either click on it to execute it, or do it from a terminal:
# chmod 755 installquirky.x86
# ./installquirky.x86
Actually, given the experimental nature of the Quirky Installer, I recommend running from a terminal, so as to see any error message that might come onto the console.

You don't have to download anything else. The Installer will offer installation choices, and download the appropriate file, and install it.

This build of Appril is i686 32-bit, so in the first window of the Installer, please select these radiobuttons:
32-bit CPU, Over 1.2GB, BIOS

Note that I have only tested Appril on a laptop with Intel i3 CPU and 4GB of RAM. Less RAM is probably OK, but no guarantees as some of those SDKs are very memory-hungry.
Note also, if you have not already downloaded 'appril-7.1.usfs.xz', the Installer will search for it online and download it.

Please install to a drive or partition 16GB or greater!

A warning to be patient -- I have feedback that installing to a 32GB USB2 Flash drive took 30 minutes.


As a 32-bit operating system, and installed on a Flash stick with traditional MBR, or partition, Appril will be fine to boot on PCs with BIOS firmware, which is the case of all PCs prior to those with Windows 8.x.

If Appril 7.1 is to be booted on a "Win8" PC, which has UEFI firmware, then the UEFI-Setup needs to have "Legacy Boot" set.
This is explained here:

...note though, that page needs to be expanded to explain more about Legacy Boot, and you might want to read up on it a bit more elsewhere.

Barry Kauler
August 19, 2015