Add-ons   for   BL3

sylpheed.tgz Graphical mail client
links1.tgz Enhanced version of links browser
links2.tgz Graphical version of links browser (requires SVGA)
abiword.tgz Graphical word processor  (requires SVGA)
ssh.tgz Secure shell (replacement for telnet)
mc.tgz Midnight Commander (file manager)
naim.tgz Client for AIM, ICQ, IRC, and lily (CMC)
yabasic.tgz Programming language (BASIC interpreter)
sc.tgz Spreadsheet
sqlite.tgz Database manager (single-user SQL)
mpg123.tgz Plays mp3 audio files.
smbclien.tgz Client for accessing Windows network shares
uncluttr.tgz turns off mouse cursor when not in use
icewm.tgz Window manager
passwd.tgz Adds user logins and passwords to BL3.
x-libs.tgz Additional X libraries.
no-xvesa.tgz   Things needed to run an Xserver (instead of Xvesa).
beep.tgz Plays notes via the PC speaker
lincity.tgz Simulated city (management game)
matanza.tgz Multi-player space battle (via network)
xdigger.tgz Classic puzzle-game
xfreecell.tgz Solitaire card game
xrunner.tgz Platform game (similar to Lode Runner)

All of these files should be installed using the pkg command.
For example to install ssh:  pkg  ssh.tgz